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A BirthPrep Antenatal Class - What to Expect
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"Great all round, we felt really comfortable to ask anything."

"Great to be able to ask questions so freely because the presenter was so approachable and nice. Practical changing and bathing was good. The midwife Cathy was wonderful. Presenting style was excellent. Kind and encouraging. Would definitely recommend."

"We were able to discuss questions in a small relaxed setting. Cathy was a great facilitator. Made us feel at ease and approachable. I was engaged throughout. The part about labour - photos of labour - was particularly helpful and gave me the knowledge I needed. Thank you for being a great facilitator and being so helpful."

"The whole course was very informative and enjoyable. All information given was relevant and useful. Very enjoyable day, thank you!"

"Very hands on, relaxed environment. Very informative. Happy to receive questions. Would recommend to others."
One-Day Class, Leeds
"Dear Cathy,
Myself and Adam just wanted to say a massive thanks for everything you taught us at the Birthprep classes.. We found it really valuable and it definitely helped having you talk us through everything... Thank you so much, we feel way more prepared for everything and that's down to you!"
Debs and Adam, Leeds. (One-to-one sessions)
"Cathy's experience, guidance and wealth of knowledge really helped us both prepare for the birth and her information on labour helped me enormously throughout. I would recommend this course for anyone - even if you feel you know most things - it really does help when the big day comes. Cathy - many thanks from us, and from Reuben who arrived safe and well from a calm mummy due to your help !!"
Amber and James, Ossett
"We would both thoroughly recommend the antenatal classes offered by Birthprep. The help and advice given to us by Cathy made us feel much more prepared for the arrival of our son and also for life afterwards. The friendly atmosphere in the classes was much more personal and specific to our needs and situation."
Mark and Lisa, Pontefract
"It was lovely to have someone to talk to frankly about anything and everything to do with pregnancy and labour. The classes really reassured us - thank you!"
Georgie and Dave, Ossett
"We would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting advice on anything relating to childbirth. The atmosphere was so relaxed and the time spent seemed to fly by. Thank you so much Cathy."
Keira and Phil, Ossett
"Good getting advice from someone with years of experience as opposed to the internet.'

'We feel much more prepared now. Thank you.'

'We found the course very informative and liked that it covered in one day and answered all our questions.'

'Very good session with a lot of information. Thank you.'

'Excellent day. Should raise awareness of how good it is.'

'A really great day - Cathy was fantastic, very thorough, answered all questions and I now feel I have a lot more confidence regarding the birth and afterwards."
One-Day class, Leeds
"Which aspect of the course did you find most useful?

"The informal atmosphere, having the chance to ask lots of questions, going through things as in depth as we needed (plus the biscuits!)"

"Pain relief and birth process."

"Stages of labour. Open format. Focused on our needs instead of following strict guidelines."

"Very welcoming. Encouraged all questions. Offered plenty of resources."

"Being able to ask what I thought were silly questions and having a positive response."

"All was useful, particularly for partner."

"All useful and lots new to us."
Antenatal Course- evaluation forms (anonymous)
"Info given excellent, practical and unbiased. Very useful. Brilliant. Thank you."

"All aspects covered were very useful and informative."

"The course was well presented and made you feel relaxed and open to asking questions. Cathy was a fantastic midwife!"

"Excellent presenter/midwife, wish we could have her deliver our baby."

"Enjoyed the re-capping of everything as a reminder. All very good and thank you."
Antenatal Course - evaluation forms (anonymous)
"1 Day at the weekend - very good and attentive in a small group. Informative and felt at ease. Thank you. Thanks for quick replies to emails, very helpful."
Wayne and Claire, One-Day class, Leeds
"It really was excellent. Lots of no-nonsense advice. It was great to do all this on one day close to home on a Saturday. We feel much better prepared now. Thank you so much."
One-Day class, Leeds
"Excellent day! Very informative, learnt lots and feel better prepared for the big day. Ideal for couples who can't make day-time antenatal classes."
One-Day class, Leeds
"A very good course with lots of useful information. We really enjoyed the day."
One-Day Class, Huddersfield
"Well run, very informative, reassuring. Definitely worth coming to."
One-Day Class, Huddersfield
"Really easy to book. Very convenient to do as a 1 day course. Thank you."
One-Day class, Leeds
"Which aspect of the course did you find most useful? -

'All very helpful. enjoyed thoroughly. Thank you!'

'Very relaxed - not made to feel at all silly for any questions. Practical nappy changing/bathing exercise. Very useful - we'd definitely recommend.'

'Practical aspect with bathing baby and changing diaper, pain Relief, different stages of labour, sharing ideas and insights and experiences with the other couples. We really enjoyed Cathy's presentation style and how approachable and welcoming she was.'

'All of it! Thank you for your knowledge.'

'Meeting other people, being able to ask questions and class practicals.'

'Bathing baby. Pain relief options and felt that we chose what we wanted to learn and it was fulfilled. Thank you."
Antenatal Course
"Really liked Cathy's approach - giving us the opportunity to ask lots of questions and tailor the course to our needs. Great course - many thanks!"
One-Day class, York
"Being a small group we were able to discuss things,share experiences and get individualised advice/information. Great to have an experienced midwife. Thank you."
One-Day class, York
"We have really enjoyed today and all the info has been really useful. Cathy was really friendly and helpful and answered any questions. Thank you!"
One-Day Class, Leeds
"Very good. Feel we have learned a lot and have more confidence with our baby."
One-Day Class, Leeds
"Really good to have detailed process of labour and delivery with all possibilities covered. Feel really confident now and prepared for our hospital experience. Good to have tea breaks often. Happy pregnant lady!"
One-Day Class, Leeds
"Really great course, very relaxed and intimate. Felt able to ask many questions and covered all issues. Cathy is very reassuring and gave us lots of 'choices' - not just personal one-sided which was really great."
One-Day Class, Leeds
"Would recommend this birth preparation class to anyone who is pregnant."
One-Day Class, Leeds
"Sensible/practical info. Informally presented. Practical side of bathing baby/nappy changing, husband found best. Would fully recommend."
Antenatal Course
"Feel calmer and more prepared. Course didn't cover ground that we were aware of already. Thank you."
Antenatal Course
"A really great day - Cathy was fantastic. Very thorough. Answered all questions and we now feel we have a lot more confidence regarding the birth and afterwards."
One-Day Class, Leeds
"Excellent day! Should raise awareness of how good it is."
One-Day class, Leeds
"Very good session with a lot of information. Was very worried and against drugs used but now a little more accepting if needed. Thank you."
One-Day Class, Leeds
"Cathy was very informative on all aspects of the course - in particular breastfeeding and newborn care. I now feel more confident in trying breastfeeding."
One-Day Class, Leeds
"We really enjoyed the course and it has helped us prepare really well. Very informal style which is brilliant and encouraged us to ask all the questions we needed. we will recommend the course to others."
One-Day Class, Leeds
"What did you find most useful? 'The one-to-one contact which is available in a smaller group. The practical learning of bathing, putting on a nappy etc.'
And least useful?: 'Nothing. It was all useful'.
Other comments: 'Excellent. Thank you very much. I would definitely recommend BirthPrep!"
Antenatal Course evaluation form, Leeds
"What did you find most useful? 'Discussing pain relief. Practical baby. When to go to hospital'.
And least useful? 'N/A as we were allowed to tailor it to our needs'."
Antenatal Course evaluation form, Leeds
"What did you find most useful? 'Care of baby after birth, practical activities, feelings after birth'.
And least useful? 'Nothing'.
Comments: 'Excellent value for money. Lovely biscuits!"
Antenatal Course evaluation form, Leeds
"What did you find most useful? 'Week 3 talking about after care'.
And least useful? 'Nothing'
Comments. 'It was good, very informative and helpful.Thank you."
Antenatal Course evaluation form, Leeds
"Was a great group, perfect size. Information was tailored at the right level. Pace was good as was the level of interaction. We booked the course because we were happy with our basic level of knowledge and didn't want a drawn out series of lessons. It ticked all the boxes and we would highly recommend it to others."
One-Day Class, Leeds
"Excellent Course. Lots of useful information covering all questions. Nice to have it in a small group. Makes it more personal and good to get to know other couples."
Antenatal Course, Leeds
"Location far from where we lived - couldn't find any sure start centre courses close to Bradford. The course was excellent. Very relaxed and lots of clear useful information."
Antenatal Course, Leeds
"All aspects were extremely useful and presented in plain English in both a practical and educational way. There were 3 couples in the group which was an ideal amount."
Antenatal Course, Leeds
"Great course. Lots of info, very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Timings were great for us as we work till 6pm. so couldn't make the NHS courses."
Antenatal Course, Leeds
"We found it really beneficial to attend the classes and speak to someone rather than just using books or the internet. Excellent value for money!"
Antenatal Course, Leeds
"The venue was local so handy but this wasn't a big factor in what was important about today. We found the course material extremely helpful and the pace just right. We would recommend this course to others."
One-Day Class, Leeds
"Excellent day. Informative, fun and interactive. Cathy put the group at ease and answered everything we asked. Professional approach and evidently knows her stuff."
One-Day Class, Leeds
"Hello Kathy.

Just to let you know we have had our little boy. From the growth scans they decided to induce me on my due date. I had a pessary for 24hrs which dilated me enough to have my waters broken. These were broken at 4am. Then went on hormone drip at 6am. I decided to have an epidural at 11am. I am glad I did. I liked the fact you could top up so you could still feel the sensation to push. I was examined at 4pm and was 9cm dilated. Started pushing at 7pm. After an hr the docs assessed me as he was facing slightly the wrong way. I was taken into theatre for forceps delivery.

This was all different to my original plan but due the classes I felt comfortable making decisions and the theatre was not daunting at all from your model!! The scans were right i did have a big baby.....9lb 6oz!!! We have named him Connor David. We are doing well and breast feeding is going well.

Thank you for your classes. We felt comfortable throughout labour. David wanted to add that he felt he was able to understand and help decisions because he had the knowledge from the classes. He felt that he was involved in the labour too. Not just the mums who benefit!! Thanks again."
Julie & David, Leeds
"Great to understand what to expect. Great to be with others at the same stage/situation as us. Couldn't recommend the course enough!"
Antenatal Course, Leeds
"We found the course really enjoyable and helpful for preparing for labour, birth and coming home with the baby."
Antenatal Course, Leeds
"Really enjoyed it. Very informative. Excellent delivery - Thank you!"
Antenatal Course, Leeds
"A very informative course & Cathy was great. Made us feel very relaxed. I only wish she was our midwife!!"
Antenatal Course, Leeds
"Really enjoyed the day. Feel much better prepared. Felt as though Jonny was included a lot as normal hospital visits/midwife appointments are usually just about me."
One-Day Class, Leeds
"The interactive and flexible nature meant that the whole day was useful. We were able to ask questions as and when. We found the whole day very informative. Feel a lot more prepared for labour and the first days at home. Thank you."
One-Day Class, Leeds
"Really useful. Small group meant we were all able to discuss all needs and ask lots of questions. So personal which meant it was a really good use of time. Thank you."
One-Day Class, Leeds - Dad comments
"This was an absolutely fantastic course and I feel very much more confident of having a baby now. Cathy was great, nothing was too much trouble and her knowledge and advice reassured me so much."
One-Day Class, Leeds - Dad comments
"Friendly and approachable presenter. Didn't shy away from answering any questions."
One-Day Class, Leeds - Mum comments
"I really enjoyed the course and feel more prepared for labour and the early days. Cathy was extremely friendly and I felt very relaxed asking questions."
One-Day Class, Leeds - Mum comments
"I am very glad I found this course. I was skeptical about an NCT course but found this very friendly, informative and Cathy an experienced professional. It was good to go over labour in a calm and slow manner. Made me feel relaxed. Good to have practical part with newborn care and that it was midwife-led. Cathy talked from her own experience as a midwife - made her very credible and her experience as a mother was useful too. Thank you very much!"
One-Day Class, York
"Great content and down to earth delivery. Feel very confident after and prepared."
One-Day Class, York
"Excellent, really enjoyed the course, the right length and the content was great. All of the course was useful and Cathy was happy to accommodate all of our needs and what we wanted to know."
One-Day Class, York
"This privately run course was great and needed to be present in York with the hospital not running classes any more. The only other courses are NCT and are very expensive."
One-Day Class, York
"Very Good. Great Presenter! Very knowledgeable and patient."
One-Day Class, York
"Found the day very informative, was a lot more interesting and fun than I expected'.

'Very informative and well-paced, informal and lots better than expected. Thank you, we feel loads more confident.'

'All questions (even silly ones) were answered. It was very good!'

'A very useful refresher."
One-Day Class, Leeds
"An excellent, well presented course.'

'Felt it covered all the basics really well and thoroughly. Cathy had a great manner, very easy to talk to, not at all intimidating and felt we could ask anything needed. Really great course.'

'All aspects of the course were useful, especially the aspects of labour and pain relief. Cathy was very flexible in meeting our specific needs and extremely knowledgeable. A great day which has helped us to prepare for the big day and make informed choices. Thank you.'

'All aspects were fully covered and didn't feel rushed. The day covered everything we needed and wanted from the course. Fantastically explained. Thank you!"
One-Day Class, Leeds
"Good that the course was in the evening so Dad could attend.'

'A big thank you. I have learnt a lot. Things I didn't realise I needed to know. Feel much more at ease with the thought of labour.'

'Excellent course, relaxed style. Very informative. All issues and concerns covered and dealt with.'

'I would definitely recommend this course to others.'

'Cathy is very calm and reassuring. I feel informed and 'ready' now.'

'Brilliant and well worthy course. Will definitely recommend to others.'

'Feel very relaxed and a lot less anxious.'"
Antenatal Course - Leeds
"A brilliant day. Although we know that some things will be different in Spain, I now feel much much better about everything! Thank you so much!'

'As a first time parent I felt I didn't know anything - now much more confident.'

'Thank you - this has made the whole process feel less scary to us as first-time parents. Lots of opportunity to ask questions and personalise to our situation. The chance to look at holding/changing/bathing baby and the nappy was great!'

'Very accommodating at short notice, thanks!"
One-Day Class, York
"Which aspect of the course did you find most useful?

'Interactive and practical things, learning about vitamin K, options in labour. Relaxed atmosphere to answer all questions. The blog is helpful too.'

'All of the course. Able to ask questions no matter how silly they may appear and to get good honest answers.'

'The open forum to be able to ask questions. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone.'

'The whole content of the course was very useful.'

'Pain relief and the effects. Caring for a newborn. Great course - very helpful and informative.'

'Explanation of the birth process, the early days following birth. The exercises encouraged participation. Felt they kept the mood light-hearted and relaxed while teaching the important information. It was really helpful just to be able to talk and ask questions. Thought Cathy had a fantastic manner which really relaxed the class.'

'General information leading up to birth - when to go in/process in hospital. What can go wrong and solutions - practical advice. Good, comfortable forum for being able to ask questions even if they seem silly!'

'Loads of it! The general information about baby feeding and all the pre-birthing advice. Thank you!'"
Antenatal Course, Leeds
"Great objective knowledge and training.'

'Very knowledgeable midwife. Excellent overview and all questions answered.'

'Information content was excellent.'

'Practical and freedom to ask any questions.'

'Everyone's questions were answered and nobody was made to feel silly by strange questions. An excellent crash course!'"
One-Day Class, Leeds
"Absolutely brilliant day. We feel very informed and more ready for the arrival of our little one. Thank you!'

'Full day is very useful rather than separate sessions. Really like that the advice was based on experience and evidence - impartial and non-judgmental.'

'Overall very pleased. Good value."
One Day Class, York
"I enjoyed the hands on, practical side of the afternoon. I was totally clueless so to get the information was fantastic.'

'Thank you so much for the information and friendly supportive way you delivered the course'

'Brilliantly informed - informal - felt comfortable to ask questions. Feel much more confident. Thank you!

'Really helpful to hear the first hand experience and also to have hands on experience'

'Really liked that it was relaxed and small class size."
One Day Class, York
"All of the course was very useful and very informative. All questions were answered and I feel all aspects were covered very clearly.'

'A thorough and very enjoyable course. Thank you!'

'Nice to have a safe environment, with a small yet engaged group of people to talk to. Made it easier that other people were sharing our concerns.'

'Great for Dads. The afternoon really helped. Brilliant. Thank you."
One Day Class, Leeds


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